Ethiopiahagere is a non profit civic organization established before 10 years to serve Ethiopians in Austria. Its mission is to bridge the gap created by language and cultural barriers between Ethiopians and Austrians and to bring together the Ethiopian communities in Austria. In addition to promoting communitys awareness of Ethiopian culture and history, it is dedicated in disseminating information pertaining to Ethiopian tradtion, history, culture and hertitage to younger generations of Ethiopian origin in Austria.

Ethiopiahagere also provides every necessary support to Ethiopians in Austria when it is needed, specially it gives advices and necessary support for Ethiopian refuges in their asylem process.

   Last but not list Ethiopiahagere serves as a poletical tool to promot democracy in Ethiopia in other word Ethiopiahagere stands for a democratic and proceprous Ethiopia and contribute its part in the process.



mail: info@ethiopiahagere.com